Let's create. Innovate. Together.

Digital products designer

My name is Felipe Linares. I'm a designer with over 8 years of experience. I work with you to design effective interfaces and user experiences based in "personas", in order to innovate and grow better.
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Innovate. Together.

UI Design

Together we investigate, we create, we approach, we test and innovate with the solution to that challenge you hav with yout digital products.

Understand. Together.

Data visualization

Create personalized infographics to bring your data to a very friendly level so that anyone can understand in the best way and without bias.

Create. Together.

Frontend development

I can help you develop your digital product, thanks to the experience gained in HTML 5, VUE, JS, WordPress and more. I create and turn that idea into reality.
  • HTML5
  • VUE
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • SASS
  • Gulp

Research. Together.

Creation proccess

01 Research

We must evaluate the precedents and acquire the largest amount of data regarding what we want to give solution

02 Design

It's time to play, to create, to immerse yourself in the theme and get the best strategy for your users

03 Prototype

But the last word is the users, evaluate the design of their hand they ensure that in the end you have the perfect product for them

04 Improve

Re think things with all the feedback received from users and apply them to the design involves people in the process achieving a better goal

05 Deploy

Once out of the design flow, the solution is deployed, thought and adjusted to the real needs of the users

06 Support

In the end, you will not be alone, any disturbance, mishap or stumble with the final product, we will look for you again the best solution together

Let's talk. Together.

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